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How The Vintage Whisky Industry Has Boomed In Value


Everyone has heard of the stock exchange. Millions of us have some form of investment or share in a company. However, have you ever thought about investing in vintage whisky? This niche but also booming market is full of opportunists who are ready to see their investments grow and flourish. It’s a perfect time to get into the market. First of all, you should have some background knowledge of this blossoming financial sector around the world.

Read on and find out how the vintage whisky industry has boomed in value.

Increasing Price Of Spirits

With the price of alcohol going up in general around the world, particularly in the UK, it’s no wonder that the value of whisky is increasing anyway. In some cases, it is purely due to inflation. In other cases, as in Scotland, the government has set a minimum price per unit of alcohol. When this regulation was brought at the price of many different brands of alcohol increased dramatically. However, when it comes to vintage whisky, governmental changes like this are not the cause of the inflated value.

Small casks of vintage whisky and a glass.

The Value Of Vintage Whisky

Vintage whisky is becoming more and more collectable, and therefore expensive. This is largely due to scarcity. Many bottles are being found in peoples’ collections which were bottled decades ago, even from distilleries that have now closed. Bottles like this are few and far between, and due to whisky already being a luxury item, its newfound rarity only increases its value further. Nowadays, people are snapping up all of the most limited releases from distilleries in order to hold onto it until it becomes a valuable vintage whisky.

Investment Opportunities For Everyone

The value of vintage whisky has caught many opportunists’ attention and whisky investment has become big business worldwide. Whiskies from Japan, America and Canada have begun to interest people as well as the traditional Scottish and Irish brands. If you want to invest in whisky, it’s now easier to do so with Whisky Bottle Brokers and valuation websites all across the internet.

Find Vintage Whisky Online

If you would like to try and find vintage whisky now as an investment or as a gift, you should visit The Rare Malt Whisky Company. They have a great selection of bottles of vintage whisky in their online store. This company have whiskies from all eras, all distilleries, and all famous whisky-producing locations. Get in touch with them if you would like to know more about the vintage whisky which they have in stock.

A crystal bottle and glass full of vintage whisky and ice.