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The Biggest Professional Logo Design Trends of 2017


2017 has been a big year for business logo designers in the UK like Repeat Logo. After the massive number of new start-up business in the UK last year (over 250,000) there have been an increasing number of business owners requesting a professional logo design. With every influx of creativity, there is often a wave of new trends emerging, this in inevitable. Here we take a look at some of the biggest trends that have emerged in 2017, whether these logo concepts stand the test of time is yet to be identified.

Ombre/Rising Colour

Not only has this been a massive trend when it comes to hairstyles, the ombre effect has made its way over into the world of graphic and professional logo design. Using rising colour has been popular amongst business logo designers in the UK in order to create layers of depth within a professional logo design. There is a fair bit of scope in this trend and it will be interesting to see where else it goes towards the end of the year.


Simplistic logos are ones which will never go out of style, that is certain. Many business logo designers in the UK push their clients to lead towards a simplistic design, not to provide them with less of a challenge but simply because they know it will work and will last for years and decades to come. One trend within simple professional logo design ideas is to use basic shapes but combine them within the one logo.

Text Boxes

Although graphic logos have long been favoured, there is something effective about the text box logos which have been seen throughout 2017. Hailed as another type of simple professional logo design, the text boxes create a logo which is easy to read and easy to remember, something that is so important when creating a memorable logo.

Colour Splits

Colour has long played an important role within professional logo design and this is no exception in 2017. Many business owners are now leaning towards using not only multiple colours in a logo but also drastic changes. These contrasting colours are nothing short of eye-catching and this could potentially be a trend which is set to last, but then again we will never know.


Hiring Business Logo Designers in the UK

No matter whether you want to follow the trends or start your own, there is no better way than enlisting the help of business logo designers in the UK. These guys know logo design inside and out and will be able to supply you will unique ideas that demonstrate their creative flair. They will also know how to use these 2017 trends and create shiring a business logo designer can help you achieve the perfect logo and brand identity omething different from your competitors. There is a time and a place to cut corners and getting a professional logo design is not one of these times, you need to ensure that you stand out from your competitors whilst remaining timeless. Hiring business logo designers in the UK will effectively help you achieve this.