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iGaming Consultancy | How to Become a Pro at iGaming


Professional iGaming is on the rise, for many people, this is a dream job, one that they never would have thought possible 10 years ago. But things have changed and technology has evolved, making the iGaming community what it is today. This article will give you tips about how to become a pro in this field, either by yourself or with the help of an iGaming consultancy.


So this first step may be obvious, but you need to keep in mind that there is no quick fix to becoming good at something. The more you practice the more skills you will pick up and the better you will become. You would never expect to just be able to pick up an instrument for the first time and be able to play it fluently, so why would you expect to be able to do it with a controller?

Practising against people and having a bit of healthy competition is usually the best way to learn. Just ensure that you’re pushing yourself and play against people who are better than you, this way you’ll grow as a player and pick up new tricks and skills.

When it comes to developing a strong skillset trial and error are essential, so don’t get too caught up on loosing and focus on the actual gameplay itself. Mastering a new skill during a game that you lose is still a win.

Keep the Day Job

As the iGaming community grows, there are more people today than ever before who play in tournaments for a living. You need to keep in mind that these people are the best of the best and have got where they are today through hundreds, if not thousands of hours of practice.

If you’re serious about becoming a professional iGamer you could scale back your daily activities e.g. work less hours, but don’t quit the day job completely…yet.


Many people think that you don’t need to study when it comes to improving at iGaming. What many forget though is that to get better at any skillset, it’s important to study the people who have excelled in that field. Now this doesn’t need to be reading through screeds and screeds of articles. Many talented iGamers post videos of game play on YouTube, along with a running commentary. Watching videos such as these can help you pick up new skills and tactics. You can then practice these and you never know, you might learn some things in the process that even the pros don’t know about.

Get Help from an iGaming Consultancy

If you want advice from professionals, you could always get in contact with an iGaming consultancy. iGaming consultancies are becoming more and more popular due to the rise in the number of people in the iGaming community. They can advise you on tactics, what tournaments you should enter (based on your skill level) and monitor gameplay and give you things to work on.

Hiring an iGaming consultancy can be good for beginners starting out, or for people who feel like they’ve hit a brick wall in their gameplay and don’t feel like they are progressing at a steady rate anymore.