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Converting 8mm Film To DVD Could Be A Valuable Investment


8mm film is something that is becoming a lot rarer in the present day . However although it is increasing in value it is important to note that 8mm film is becoming more difficult to maintain and the support network that it originally had for repairs is becoming more scarce. In this article we will explore why converting 8mm film to dvd could be a valuable investment and an important step to take.

8mm film to dvd

Why Convert 8mm Film To DVD?

8mm film is a type of film format which became very popular in the 1960s thanks to the introduction of Kodak’s super 8mm film. This film format consists of magnetic tape which when used in a projector can generate films. One of the issues with having 8mm film in the present day is the upkeep and maintenance required. Some film enthusiasts still use this format with newer specially adapted equipment. However for families or individuals without the equipment or expertise it can be difficult.

The best way in order to remedy this issue is to convert 8mm film to dvd format. Doing this means that you can retain the footage or images stored on the film. An added benefit of doing this is dvd is a very widely shared format and it can be shared to many different media platforms such as computers , tvs , projectors etc. In addition to this dvds are a lot more robust and durable than 8mm and less prone to damage overall. This means that the data stored is far less vulnerable to damage overall.

8mm film to dvd

What Are The Main Benefits Of DVD Format?

  • One of the main benefits of DVD format is longevity. DVD’s can last for up to one hundred years. This is considerably longer than most other forms of storage on the market for audio, film or images
  • DVD’s offer a considerably more robust and weather resistant form of storage than 8mm film
  • DVD’s can be transferred a lot quicker than other formats of media
  • DVD’s offer a low cost alternative to other formats

Why Might This Make A Valuable Investment?

One of the key reasons why this could make a valuable investment is preservation. Many 8mm films are of value due to the footage, audio or images captured in this format. It is likely to be footage from previous generations and this makes it unique and rare. As time goes on this footage will gain in value as footage around this era as well as this film type will become more and more difficult to source. Furthermore footage that has been transferred from 8mm format to dvd is a lot more likely to be high quality overall.

8mm film to dvd


Overall to conclude it is apparent that converting from 8mm to dvd is an excellent decision to take as there are a host of benefits that you can enjoy as a result of transferring media onto a DVD. DVD’s are a better decision in the long term as they are a lot less prone to wear and tear and can be used on a wide variety of media platforms.