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Chemical Skin Peels Glasgow: Saving your Skin


Discover the benefits of Dr Darren McKeown’s Chemical Skin Peel that combats acne

Unfortunately there are many of us know too well the daily struggles of dealing with bad skin and there is an overwhelming amount of information out there on how to battle bad skin and promote a healthier, smoother, clearer looking face. Amongst the vast advice on how to improve the health and appearance of your skin are suggestions such as eating certain foods, using specific cleansing products or even washing your face at certain times of day.  It can be infuriating when you follow the guidelines of every skin guru the internet has to offer religiously and still aren’t seeing the results you want.  Fortunately for Glaswegians, local medical professional Dr Darren McKeown offers a selection of skin peels in Glasgow at his West George Street clinic that could save you from dermatology disaster.

What is a Skin Peel?

Our face is the first thing that people see and often help form opinions and affiliations for those that meet us. If you suffer from acne as an adult or suffered from acne during adolescents and have been left with scarring a peel will help to reduce the signs of these ailments. Skin peels, also known as chemical peels are non-surgical treatments that remove layers of damaged skin leaving you with a fresher, smoother appearance. At Dr Darren’s Glasgow Clinic there are different types of skin peels on offer: superficial, medium and deep which generally have an effect correlating with their category. In other words the deeper the peel the more drastic the results. However it is possible to build upon your treatments, for example there is the option to have several superficial treatments that will ultimately achieve the result you crave. The type of treatment you have and the number of sessions you require will depend on your dermatology goals, the level of damage your skin has and of course each patient’s anatomy. The doctors at Dr Darren’s Glasgow clinic will consult you on your treatment plan and will advise one that will benefit you.


Skin Peel Procedures Glasgow

Depending on the type of skin peel you are having and your desired results you may require a cream to prepare over a 2-6 weeks period before your treatment; this would be a prescription cream. This preparation is to increase results and reduce side effects. It is imperative to wear sunscreen before during and after your treatments, again these timescales would be discussed with your doctor at the Glasgow clinic. Dr Darren has three options on his Glasgow Skin Peel menu including Skin Brightening, Rejuvenating and Medium Depth. The sensation you experience during the skin peel will vary depending on your skin sensitivity.

Skin Peel Results

After the chemical peel your skin will feel sensitive but also fresh.  Your skin should start to peel and may appear scaly – this means that the treatment is working. By the top layer of damaged skin being removed and a fresh layer of skin unveiled the uneven skin caused by acne and scarring will be smoother. Skin peels are also used to reduce redness and pores.  It is also used to achieve a more youthful look as the chemical peel promotes new skin growth and collagen production.


Thanks to Dr Darren’s skin peel you can finally wave goodbye to skin affected by acne and enjoy a fresher, younger and smoother appearance with the chemical skin peel.