Bridge Club Members

Members of the Bridge Club can benefit from the relationship between Presentation Genius and the club’s Caroline Theobold to get an early booking advantage. To grab your place, and to see what the advantages are, all you have to do is fill in the form here and – in the space for ‘discounts’ put the letters BC, followed by your membership reference. Simple as that. We’ll then contact you with your BC discount, so long as you book before the end of November. (There’s a £50 deposit needed to take advantage of this.)

No fuss, no hassle.

How Much Use is the Course for You?

Bridge Club members Ben Webster and Craig Rose were on a recent course: they say

“Firstly I’d just like to let you know how much I enjoyed the session the other week and useful I thought it was, not only for our immediate job of pitching at ******* but for future work in general.”

“I was dubious about how useful the day would be as I have attended so many courses on presentation skills etc. and in the main, I have found them all very intuitive and as such a waste of time. However, and this is the bit I hope you like, unlike other courses I enjoyed the day and thought what you taught us was extremely useful and it was done in a way that makes the day interesting and somehow had us all singing at the end. The breathing and voice projection techniques were new to me and fascinating and, I envisage, very useful.”

Any Promises?

We’re so sure that this is just about the one-day course on voice & presentation skills that if you don’t think it’s been worth it by the end of the day, don’t pay.

So not only do you get a discount, there’s no risk! Get your name on the lists now, as these courses fill up: click here.